Ben Collins

Top Gear Thursday: The Stig’s ‘Digital Cousin’ to Debut in New Forza Motorsport Game for Xbox One

We all know that The Stig has cousins all over the world — in Africa, China and Italy, just to cite a few examples of his kin in far-flung locations. But did you know that the mystery racer in white also has a digital cousin?

Top Gear Thursday: Former Stig Takes the Wheel in 007 Movie ‘Skyfall’

The man who was Top Gear’s second – and longest-running – Stig has been spotted on the set of the next James Bond movie, currently filming in London.

Ben Collins, ‘Top Gear’s Former Stig, Joins Rival Car Show

The Stig saga continues: Ben Collins, who unmasked himself as Top Gear‘s enigmatic racer to the chagrin of his bosses, had reportedly been planning his own car show. However, today comes news that Mr.

Former Stig Ben Collins Reportedly Planning ‘Top Gear’ Rival

Racer Ben Collins, a.k.a.

Former “Stig” Ben Collins Makes Accusations Against the BBC

Ben Collins, the former Formula Three driver who “outed himself” as Top Gear‘s racer The Stig in his autobiography, has done an exclusive interview with The Sun in which he accuses the BBC of “bullying”. He …

Top Gear: BBC Loses Case To Block “Stig” Autobiography

As BBC NEWS reported earlier, a London court denied the BBC’s request to block HarperCollins’ publication of The Man In the White Suit, an autobiography from former Formula Three racer Ben Collins. In the book, it is claimed …