Being Human

Interview: Toby Whithouse on Cast Changes for ‘Being Human,’ ‘Doctor Who’

CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD: You’re an acclaimed TV writer, and you’ve worked hard to make fans fall madly in love with your characters. You’ve cast charismatic actors in the roles, and they’ve brought great …

Being Whoman: Five Acting Crossovers Between ‘Doctor Who’ And ‘Being Human’

Russell Tovey

Believe It Or Not, This Icky Robot Skeleton Baby Is British

Say hello to Nigel Fotherington Cyborg, the newest member of the Northamptonshire Cyborg family.

WATCH: New ‘Being Human’ Series Four Trailer

OK, here we go. The baby’s been born, Nina is nowhere to be seen, George doesn’t look happy, there’s new vampires and new werewolves and somehow Ron Weasley’s dad is wrapped up in it all.

Meet Hal, ‘Being Human’s Oldest New Vampire In Town

Fans of the UK version of ‘Being Human’ may already know the upheavals at the end of series three are set to continue into series four, with the departure of Nina, played by Sinead Keenan, and only a brief appearance from …

‘Being Human’ Season 4, ‘Bedlam,’ ‘Outcasts’ Set for BBCA Premieres

Fans may still be reeling over Being Human‘s stunning third season finale. (I think I heard a collective NOOOOOO! the night the episode aired.

The Tellyvangelist: April 4 – 10

What’s British on U.S. television this week?

Original UK ‘Being Human’ and U.S. Remake Both Renewed

Being Human fans will be excited to learn that there will indeed be a fourth season of the original British drama in 2012. (The third season is currently airing on BBC America.

The ‘Gossip Girl’-ification of MTV’s ‘Skins': How America Regards the Working Class

In the past month, we’ve been looking at a remarkable British Invasion of America’s entertainment industry. Superman is now a Brit. American TV networks are gorging on British comedies and dramas.

A Half-Century After the Beatles, Is Another British Invasion Underway?

Is this all some sort of post-colonial payback? Has a gang of rogue Brits suddenly descended upon Hollywood and replaced our American-born gods with UK ones?