The Brit List: Interview with Christopher Plummer, Oscar Nominee for ‘Beginners’

Christopher Plummer is a favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as an elderly man coming out as gay in the film Beginners. The star talked to The Brit List’s Asha Leo at the BAFTA Tea Party in Los …

Why Hasn’t Ewan McGregor Conquered Hollywood? A Look at His Career

Ewan McGregor turned 40 this year, which provides as good an excuse as any to take stock of the Scottish-born actor’s career so far. Oddly enough, for all his talent and good looks, with the notable exception of three Star Wars …

Ewan McGregor’s Mother Is Pressuring Him to Do Her Movie

Ewan McGregor hasn’t yet made up his mind if he’ll star in a forthcoming movie his mother is overseeing.