British Superhero News: There’s A ‘Bananaman’ Movie On The Way

Never mind the Avengers. Spider-Man? Take a day off. Batman, have a lie in. It’s time for a British breed of superhero to take to the silver screen.

The Daleks Invade The Beano, Followed Closely By The Doctor

A curious thing happened at my house on Monday.

My son subscribes to the Beano, a long-standing institution of a comic (and definitely not a comic book) that I used to read when I was a kid, and my dad used to read before me. It’s a knockabout, vaguely anarchic affair, full of …

Four Words That Don’t Work Written Down (And One You Can’t Say Out Loud)

Most words work just fine in both everyday speech and written on the page/screen. There are a few spelling problems here and there, especially over proper nouns like Leicester, Worcester, or those crazy words like through and cough, …

The Curious Tale of Dennis The Menace

This story began as a thought about British and American sensibilites around children and what they are like. But having done a bit of research, it turns out there’s more to be said on the topic of Dennis the Menace than I had …