British Superhero News: There’s A ‘Bananaman’ Movie On The Way

Never mind the Avengers. Spider-Man? Take a day off. Batman, have a lie in. It’s time for a British breed of superhero to take to the silver screen.

The Daleks Invade The Beano, Followed Closely By The Doctor

A curious thing happened at my house on Monday.

My son subscribes to the Beano, a long-standing institution of a comic (and definitely not a comic book) that I used to read when I was a kid, and my dad used to read before me. It’s a knockabout, vaguely anarchic affair, full of ...

Four Words That Don’t Work Written Down (And One You Can’t Say Out Loud)

Most words work just fine in both everyday speech and written on the page/screen. There are a few spelling problems here and there, especially over proper nouns like Leicester, Worcester, or those crazy words like through and cough, ...

The Curious Tale of Dennis The Menace

This story began as a thought about British and American sensibilites around children and what they are like. But having done a bit of research, it turns out there’s more to be said on the topic of Dennis the Menace than I had ...