Hugh Grant’s Gay Rugby Joke Backfires

If you had to come up with three adjectives to describe Hugh Grant, I bet one of them would be “charming,” right? Even when he’s acting befuddled and lost for words, he’s still essentially a charming fellow.

Update: The BBC Apologizes to The Queen

Yesterday’s story about the tiff between Queen Elizabeth II and celeb photographer Annie Leibovitz caused quite an uproar in Buckingham Palace. Like so many in this reality-TV era, it appears Her Majesty was a victim of some …

19-Year-Old Writer Gets His Own BBC Sitcom

In news that will make all you recent college grads feel even more washed-up, a 19-year-old writer has just had a sitcom commissioned by the BBC! His name is Tim Dawson, and his show, naturally titled Coming of Age, follows five young …