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Today’s Twitter Trends (Apr. 12): Doctor Who and Fake Spoilers

Today’s post is a slight variation on our look at Twitter trends: given all the hoopla over Doctor Who — let’s just call it Doctor Whoopla — we thought we’d look at some of today’s tweets about the good …

BBC Launches ‘Weakest Link: Royal Wedding Edition’ iPhone App

EXCLUSIVE: The BBC has combined two iconic British things — the royal wedding and the game show The Weakest Link — into a new app, which is available now in the Mac apps store. (Click here to get it.

‘Human Planet’ Now Available for DVD/Blu-ray Pre-order in the States

As Björk once wisely said, “If you ever get close to a human or human behavior, you better get ready to get confused.”

Watch: BBC Director-General Mark Thompson on ‘Morning Joe’

Earlier today, BBC director-general Mark Thompson was a guest on Morning Joe, the MSNBC breakfast gabfest featuring Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist. Thompson touted the BBC’s international news coverage in a …