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Top Gear Thursday: ‘Top Gear’ Down Under

Sometimes life here in these United States is depressing. First, we carry the burden of empire (something with which our British cousins have more than a passing acquaintance).

Top Gear Thursday: Comedy Duo Write a Song About Jeremy Clarkson

“You buy a bag of peanuts in this town, you get a song written about you,” said Orson Welles as the title character of Citizen Kane.

Top Gear Thursday: Did You Know You Could Play Rugby in Your Car?

Next week’s episode of Top Gear (February 25) involves serial indignities to the new Kia Cee’d involving a rock legend, an American cop, curry and (we’re sure you saw this one coming) eels. Oh, and then the boys redefine the term …

Top Gear Thursday: BBC Launches New Car Website

Great news for all of you Top Gear-heads and car enthusiasts! The BBC is launching a new car site – and its first official day is TODAY!