Snapshot: 13 Pieces of Street Art Brightening Up London

We’re all pretty familiar with the street artist Banksy, whether it’s from the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, word of mouth, reading about him online, or stumbling upon his pieces in person. We’re about to get to …

WATCH: HBO’s ‘Banksy Does New York’ Trailer

The infamous street artist Banksy took over NYC last October, and filmmaker Chris Moukarbel (Me @ the Zoo and Sex) has chronicled his movements, with the help of fellow trackers’ contributions, in the 75-minute documentary Banksy Does …

PHOTOS: Banksy Gets a Lego Makeover

Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen came up with a fun way to pass time with his 7-year-old daughter June by recreating the elusive British street artist Banksy’s more playful stencils, reports NBC’s

WATCH: Banksy ‘Unauthorized’ Retrospective Features Never-Before-Seen Pieces

Steve Lazarides, Banksy’s former agent and friend, is hosting a retrospective exhibit of the famed street artist’s work, featuring three pieces never or rarely been seen before, in collaboration with Sotheby’s  S|2 Gallery …

Is It or Isn’t It? Banksy-like Artwork Has Popped Up in Gloucestershire, England

An outdoor mural has turned up in Cheltenham, a borough in Gloucestershire, England, and people are wondering, “Is it or isn’t it?” A Banksy, that is.

Banksy Hosts Exhibit in NYC During Month of October

British street artist Banksy is currently hosting a one-month exhibit in NYC, entitled “Better Out Than In”, with the streets of NYC acting as his gallery.

Another Banksy Goes Missing

What the what? Insert, shaking head in frustration, followed by rubbing eyes in disbelief. Banksy, the infamous graffiti street artist, was robbed of one of his North London murals that dubiously showed up on a U.

There’s an Amy Winehouse Documentary on the Way

Asif Kapadia, the director of the hugely acclaimed documentary Senna – about the event-packed, but short life of Formula 1 racing driver Ayrton Senna – has signed a deal with Universal Music and Studio Focus Features International …

Final Update: Banksy Sale Canceled

UPDATE: The Banksy mural, scheduled for auction this past Saturday, February 23, 2013, was removed from sale, reports BBC News.

Banksy Mural Goes Missing

Banksy, the infamous graffiti street artist, has been robbed of one of his North London murals that dubiously showed up on a U.S. auction website, reports The Sun.