Arctic Monkeys

Five Songwriters Who Deserve The Comic Book Treatment

This November, at the Tucson Comic-Con, a new comic will be launched, called Unite and Take Over: Comic Book Stories Inspired by The Smiths. It’s the 78-page brainchild of publisher Shawn Demumbrum, who brought in artists like …

News Roundup: The Beckhams’ Golden Tribute to Harper, Pete Doherty and Carla Bruni Pal Up, and Helen ‘Body of the Year’ Mirren

Y’know that family who’ve just had a new baby and they’re so smitten they can’t stop recording every aspect of their child’s growth? And changing their Facebook profile picture to a picture of the baby?

Arctic Monkeys And THAT Album Cover: The Facebook Verdict

I’ll be honest, when I was writing about the Arctic Monkeys’ latest album “Suck It And See” and the possibility that it might somehow be offensive, I wasn’t really sure how much of a big deal it really was. …

Is This An Offensive Album Cover?

See this picture? That is literally the new Arctic Monkeys album cover.

WATCH: Arctic Monkeys Channel Black Sabbath on ‘Letterman’

The audience may have snickered when David Letterman read the title of their new release, Suck It and See — “I’m being told it’s their Christmas album,” he quipped — but Arctic Monkeys put to rest any …

UK Chart Report: LMFAO At No.1, And Snoop’s Bizarre Royal ‘Gift’

This week’s chart is another sedate affair, I’m afraid. Some shuffling around at the top end of things, a bit of jostling here and there, the steady creep of a couple of notable slow-burners up to the high end of things, but …

Meet Chas & Dave, Forebears of Arctic Monkeys

Some cultural institutions are a little tricky to explain in one go, you kind of have to live through them to understand why they’re important and why they happened. So if I tell you that there was a duo in the early ’80s …

Alex Turner to Gary Barlow: Sorry Mate

Alex Turner has something he’d like to say to one of his pop elders.

In the new issue of NME, the Arctic Monkeys frontman offers his sincere apologies to Take That‘s Gary Barlow. In 2006, a then-20-year-old Turner referred to the British chart-topping boy band as “a load of old …

Well, What Would YOU Call An Arctic Monkeys Album?

We all remember where we were and what we were thinking the first time we heard there was a hot new band coming from England called Arctic Monkeys, right? We were thinking “Arctic Monkeys? Really?

Arctic Monkeys Album No. 4 Comes out in June, Has Raunchy Name

Alex Turner and company are back after a two-year hiatus! The boys from Sheffield dutifully hunkered down in a L.