Ant and Dec

Ten Uncomfortable Live TV Moments of 2011

Live TV is a killer. No matter what the best intentions of a production team may be, no matter how many doomsday scenarios have been planned out, something will always come along to gum up the works.

Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Fallout Reaches Lily Allen

So, Cheryl Cole is still out of the US X Factor, this much we know. And after Simon Cowell’s catty comments over the weekend — “She doesn’t travel well.

Watch Chris Martin Jamming ‘Wonderwall’ With A Stranger.

Everyone has a favorite place to go and meet their friends. It could be a coffee house, it could be a park, it could even be a library, if you’ve all got quiet voices and not very much to talk about.

I Didn’t Cry Watching Susan Boyle (But I Might Have, If Ant and Dec Had STFU)

Not even the Claymates were this impassioned: within this past week, The Cult of Susan Boyle has sprung up on these Internets. Just check the comments on any article or blog post that even appears critical of the Scottish …

David Tennant “Most Powerful Actor” in British Television

And we don’t mean “emotionally powerful” – we mean cha-ching! The Guardian just released their British version of the Forbes list, the Media 100 power list.

America…Are You Ready for Ant and Dec?

Five-headed comedy duo Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are HUGE in the UK, but can they make it here in the States? Supposedly, network execs have been “courting” them for a while now, but finally they’ve found …