Annie Lennox

Snapshot: Brits Hold Court at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Sundays are typically quiet with people winding down after the weekend, and gearing up for the workweek. But, not this past Sunday with both the 2015 BAFTAs happening in London, and a Brit-tastic presence at the Grammy Awards in Los …

10 British Holiday Songs Every American Should Know

We’ve already named the three key songs without which no British Christmas would be complete, and our sister site Mind The Gap has compiled a list of songs that will remind every British ex-pat of home, simply because they are …

Annie Lennox’s Daughter Throws the BEST Parties

Panic over at Drudge Report! Not because of the war in Iraq, not because of the Sarko election in France, but because Annie Lennox‘s 16-year-old daughter Lola (gasp!) threw a party that got a little out of hand.