Anna Karenina

WATCH: English Model Cara Delevingne Returns to Acting in Sky Arts Short Film ‘Timeless’

English supermodel Cara Delevingne, 21, apparently fell into modeling after her attempt at an acting career didn’t quite pan out, reports GQ U.K. She’s giving it another go.

Jude Law: “I’m Not That Young Pretty Thing Anymore”

See this hideous visage? This freakishly lumpen fizzog, swollen and diseased with the pustulation of foul aging, a misshapen and pock-marked hag’s satchel of a mug?

For the Role of Anna Karenina, Actresses Eagerly Throw Themselves Under the Train

All names may be alike for the character but each actress who plays Anna Karenina brings her own distinct interpretation to the role.

WATCH: “We’re Like Siblings Really” Says Director Joe Wright on Keira Knightley

The period film Anna Karenina – out today (Friday Nov 16) – based on Tolstoy’s classic novel – marks the third screen collaboration between Keira Knightley, who plays the title role, and director Joe Wright.

Looking Backward: British Period Drama – the 21st Century Edition

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WATCH: ‘Anna Karenina’ Star Keira Knightley on Coping with Criticism

It’s still five months to go, but Oscar predicting is already well underway and in the best actress race Keira Knightley has been marked as a possible contender for playing the title role in a new adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna …

Toronto: Jude Law on Playing Older in ‘Anna Karenina’ – and Being Happy With It

In Anna Karenina, which has just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, Jude Law acquits himself very well. However, on this occasion he’s not playing the dashing young lover but the older man.