Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse One Year On: Five Songs Covered, Five Cover Songs

When a beloved musician is no longer with us, the temptation is to preserve their work in amber, in honor of their memory. The hit songs are no longer emotional machines in their own right, they’re museum exhibits with fragile …

The Great British Songbook #3: ‘Rehab’

Some songs are classics from the first moment, the first line. They arrive, mess with your mind, demand your full attention and leave insisting that you play them again right away.

The Very Best Of Amy Winehouse, Lyric Writer

Although we’re all still painfully aware that Amy Winehouse is no longer with us, it’s only just beginning to become clear exactly what a loss she has been as a musical talent. And not because her next album would’ve …

Adele Caps Record-Breaking 2011 With Six Grammy Nominations

That Adele would cap her astonishing, record-annihilating 2011 with a slew of Grammy nominations was a foregone conclusion. She is Grammy voter catnip. (She already won Best New Artist a few years back.

Coroner: Winehouse’s Death Was the Result of Alcohol Poisoning

The formal inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death has concluded that she died of alcohol poisoning. Tests found her blood alcohol levels to be five times the legal limit for driving, enough to affect her breathing and put her into a …

News Roundup: Adele’s Throat Unharmed By Smoking

I know, it’s the first thing I thought too. Here’s Adele with a recurring throat problem, in which she blows her own voice out time and again, and apparently it has nothing to do with her fondness for the gaspers …

News Roundup: James McAvoy To Play Elton John?

Film biopics of musicians often follow a very similar pattern. There’s the childhood trauma, the discovery of talent, the struggling to get noticed, the fame, the drugs, the trouble that comes with success/fame/drugs, and the …

News Roundup: Colin Firth’s Kids Take His Oscar To School

Can I begin with a question? If you had won an Academy Award for being the best actor in the world, where would you keep the trophy? On the mantelpiece? On the hood of your car? On a chain around your neck at all times?

WATCH: Tony Bennett And Amy Winehouse In The Studio

This already feels like a transmission from an alternate reality, one in which the happy, tanned and smiling girl, singing her dad’s favorite song with his favorite singer, is still with us.