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What British People Might Not Understand About America’s Love of Baseball

On a balmy New York evening last summer, my friend Marty invited me to a Yankees game. Marty had season tickets with his cousin Pat, but on this particular night, cousin Pat couldn’t make it.

A Confused Brit’s View of Basketball: Why’s It So Easy to Score?

The most common debunking of the game with slam-dunking is that everything happens in the final two minutes. And while I agree with the sentiment of this statement, I do not accept that this is the fundamental ailment from which …

Who’s British in American Sports?

What do Super Bowl winners Osi Umenyiora, Scott McCready and Lawrence Tynes have in common?

Supersizing Soccer: What Britain’s Premier League Could Learn From U.S. Sports Culture

Clearly, Britain is missing out.

The Brit’s Guide to Being an American Sports Fan

So, you wanna be an American sports fan, huh? Way to go, kid. Here’s the lowdown on how to make it in the major leagues.

Do Brits Play Ice Hockey? An Englishman’s Appreciation of the Sport

Ice hockey is mental.

I mean, let’s take for granted how good these guys are at regular hockey, but to play it on ice while whizzing around on blades at the speed of a car? That’s pucking mental.