American Idol

Simon Cowell Sued For Stealing The X Factor

The story so far: British TV executive Simon Fuller develops a reality show based around auditions for a new pop band. It’s called Popstars and it does very well, making stars out of two bands (Hear’Say and Liberty X) and one of …

Yep, Simon Cowell’s Back…But Does Anyone Care?

You may have seen the latest teaser for Simon Cowell‘s American version of his UK talent show X Factor last night during the Super Bowl. In an ad similar to rapper Drake‘s freaky Sprite commercial, dramatic music plays as …

Report: Simon Cowell Fighting to Get Cheryl Cole on U.S. ‘X Factor’

In recent months, the press has been promoting Cheryl Cole‘s gig on the U.S. X Factor as if it was a done deal.

Sir Anthony Hopkins Hearts ‘American Idol,’ Randy Jackson

Sir Anthony Hopkins is an American Idol fan? Come again? I guess everyone has their own guilty pleasures, right?

Season 10 of ‘American Idol’ to Undergo a Few Changes

Heads up American Idol enthusiasts! If you're still getting used to the idea of Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler taking over the judge's panel, wait until you hear about what's in store for next season.

American Idol’ Announcement Marks End of “Mean British Judge”?

After today’s announcement that Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and “Last Man Standing” Randy Jackson would be the judges for American Idol Season 10, The Hartford Courant‘s Roger Catlin noted that the show will be …

American Idol Eyes Madonna To Replace Simon Cowell

Could Madonna (!?!?!) be the next American Idol judge? Executive producer Simon Fuller “wants a big name” to replace Simon Cowell, who makes his final appearance on America’s No.

Simon vs. Ellen Feud Brewing on American Idol?

Simon Cowell‘s working relationship with Ellen DeGeneres started off on the wrong foot, with Simon showing up 90 minutes late to Ellen’s first day as an American Idol judge. A source told Deadline Hollywood Daily: …

Who Replaces Simon Cowell on Idol? Diddy? Piers Morgan?

Simon Cowell will leave American Idol after this season and bring X Factor to Fox in fall 2011, The NY Times confirms. Well, I think this essentially ends American Idol, especially with Paula Abdul gone.

Victoria Beckham Rejected as American Idol Judge

Fox and the producers of American Idol decided to pass on the grim-faced Victoria Beckham as a replacement for Paula Abdul as judge, opting for Ellen DeGeneres. (You might have heard of her.