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Five British TV Shows That Have Been Around Longer Than ‘Doctor Who’

Last year’s 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was a wonderful event and a celebration of one of television’s most singular shows, a deserved survivor of decades of refining what TV is, what it can do, and what people want from …

How Tom Hanks Made Benedict Cumberbatch A Star

Here’s a nice thing that emerged yesterday. It seems Tom Hanks is directly responsible for creating the careers of at least three, possibly four hugely talented British actors, and he’s been keeping fairly quiet about it …

WATCH: Did Anyone Miss Benedict Cumberbatch’s Shower Scene?

WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve Talk ‘Star Trek’

Benedict Cumberbatch (John Harrison) and fellow Brit Alice Eve (Carol Marcus) sit down with IGN to talk about their characters in J.J. Abram’s forthcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness (May 2013).

Top 5 British Breakout Stars of 2010

Who were the new British movie stars that sparkled the brightest in 2010? Here’s a list of the breakout actors and actresses who could become household names on our shores in the very near future: