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Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament, Women of 2011: Round 1

We've crowned the men's champion. Now let's move on to the ladies. 32 fabulous British women vie for the title. Pippa Middleton or Karen Gillan? Helen Mirren or Joanna Lumley? Start your fan campaigns now and vote!

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who Confidential: A River Runs Wild’

Take a 12-minute behind-the-scenes look at “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the midseason premiere of Doctor Who that aired this past Saturday (August 27). It’s Doctor Who Confidential, this time with a side of corn.

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matt Smith Wants 3D Episode for 50th Anniversary

• Matt Smith has a request for the upcoming 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who: he wants it to be filmed in 3D: “I love making Doctor Who and I get to be part of that 50th year which they’ll do something mental ...

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Arthur Darvill Teases ‘Dr. Faustus’ Role

Now that the TARDIS has turned its lights off for the time being, Arthur Darvill is moving on to another doctor. On Saturday (June 18), he’ll hit the Shakespeare’s Globe stage for Christopher Marlowe‘s Dr.

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matt Smith Reveals His L.A. Ambitions

Matt Smith has been talking to the press about his future prospects as a jobbing actor, which of course has sparked a raft of gossip around his length of tenure as the Eleventh Doctor. Here’s what he told The Mirror: ...

WATCH: Alex Kingston Discusses Kissing The Doctor

WATCH: ‘Today’ Co-host Meredith Vieira Visits Set of ‘Doctor Who’

Here’s something to perk you up on a Monday: Meredith Vieira made a visit to the set of Doctor Who recently, and she took us behind-the-scenes of the long-running sci-fi series in a segment that aired on this morning’s (May ...

‘Doctor Who’ Press Roundup: Countdown to Season Premiere

Hasn’t it seemed like we’ve been waiting years for the new season of Doctor Who? It’s as if we’re all little Amy Ponds, eyes skyward, looking impatiently for signs of the TARDIS.

PHOTOS: ‘Doctor Who’ Takes Manhattan

The Doctor Who cast and crew — and, seemingly, half of New York City — turned out last night for the U.S. premiere screening of the BBC America series’ sixth season opener.

WATCH: Who IS the Doctor? Here’s an Exclusive Inside Look

Just who is this centuries-old alien called “the Doctor,” and how do you explain him to the uninitiated?