Alan Rickman

Photo Gallery: Kate Winslet and Her Leading Men

Kate Winslet reunites with one of her first leading men in the June 2015 release of A Little Chaos (June 26), starring opposite Alan Rickman, who also directed the film. Winslet and Rickman first starred together in the 1995 …

WATCH: Alan Rickman Calls Jimmy Fallon Out

It’s hard to take anyone seriously after they take a swig of helium, but Alan Rickman (A Little Chaos, Harry Potter) came across as his typically demure self when going gulp-for-gulp with Jimmy Fallon on his late night show.

VOTE: Who is the British Kevin Bacon?

A couple of weeks ago, we posed the question ‘Who is the British Kevin Bacon?’ as a way of celebrating those British character actors who have appeared in such a staggering variety of U.K.

10 Reasons We Love Alan Rickman

British actor Alan Rickman is a mainstay on our always growing list of Anglo fan favorites, and we’re not shy to say we’re fans too. We try to keep up with Rickman and report on his latest going-ons, which made us think, …

Poetry Day: 10 British Actors Read 10 British Poems

Today is National Poetry Day (October 2) in the UK, and the Brits have always done pretty well at providing the world with poems and people who are good at reading poems, here are 10 poetic moments, provided by some of our favorite …