OK, So You Got The Statue, Now Finish The Song Properly…

Look, by any standard of celebrity measurement Adele’s doing perfectly fine, isn’t she? A Golden Globe, an Oscar, an entire dinner service made of Grammys with Brits for salt & pepper grinders.

Academy Awards Recap: Daniel Day-Lewis, ‘Skyfall’ Make Oscar History

The biggest British-related award of the evening was the one that, as was widely expected, went to Daniel Day-Lewis as best actor in the title role of Lincoln.

So What’s Going on at the Brits Tonight?

It’s not a bad moment to celebrate British music, given that we’re currently all over the pop firmament like grease on a french fry, we’ve got Mumford, we’ve got Adele, and David Bowie is about to release his …

WATCH: A Look at Britain’s Oscar Chances

This year, there’s no big British Oscar winning film in sight like The King’s Speech. But some British victories are being forecast.

10 Celebrities with Quintessentially British Names

Many British celebrities have names that capture the royalty, prestige, and history of Great Britain.  Below is our list of 10 celebrities with these quintessentially British monikers.

Adele’s Grammy Moment Crashed By Well-Known Prankster

If you were wondering who that random tuxedoed interloper was onstage when Adele won her Grammy this past Sunday (February 10), his identity has been revealed via The Hollywood Reporter. He’s the Ukrainian TV presenter Vitalii …

Adele’s Baby’s Name Is Finally ‘Revealed’

I’m confused. This possibly will not end well for everyone concerned, but we’ll press on regardless, and take what is coming to us when the fallout hits.

It’s Official: Adele to Perform ‘Skyfall’ at Oscars

Britain may have been largely snubbed when nominations were announced for the film industry’s biggest award, but there will be a strong reason for Anglo-fans to tune in to the Academy Awards on February 24. Adele is set to perform …

Benedict Cumberbatch Delivers ‘Star Trek’ Line

MTV News caught up with Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch at last night’s (1/13) Golden Globe Awards. Cumberbatch was nominated (alas, he didn’t win) and you could tell he was hyped for the night.

Come In Russell Brand, Your Time Is Up!

Or: why Adele’s acceptance speech is proof that Hollywood doesn’t understand the charisma of musicians.