Absolutely Fabulous

It’s Time for the ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Movie Annual Report

It pains me to have to write this, but it has been precisely a year and one day since last we troubled the internet with news of an Absolutely Fabulous movie. At the time, we were all cock-a-hoop with the idea that there would …

WATCH: Jennifer Saunders Teams with Designer Jean Paul Gaultier for ‘French & Saunders’ (Get It?)

Jennifer Saunders, whose Edina Monsoon character was famous for being the ultimate fashion victim in the Absolutely Fabulous TV series, may be adding fashion designer to her list of talents.

RIP Kate O’Mara: Five Of Her Best Moments

The sad news came in over the weekend that Kate O’Mara—the actress Doctor Who fans know as the Rani, and Dynasty fans remember as Caress Morrell—has died, after suffering from a short illness.

Jennifer Saunders: ‘The AbFab Movie IS Happening’

Now here’s a thing we should have put in our things to look forward to in 2014 post. Jennifer Saunders has confirmed that she is working on an Absolutely Fabulous movie, and what’s more, if she doesn’t do it, she has …

Watch: More ‘AbFab’ on the Way?

Comedienne Jennifer Saunders, creator and co-star of French and Saunders and Absolutely Fabulous, has been out and about talking about her new autobiography Bonkers: My Life in Laughs, which covers the “beginnings to end, but not in …

‘Doctor Who,’ ‘AbFab,’ ‘Sherlock’ and More Hit Hulu in Landmark BBC Worldwide Deal

Well, isn’t this brilliant: Hulu Plus has partnered with BBC Worldwide North America to deliver an amazingly extensive collection of British titles to their audience. And when we say “extensive,” we’re literally …

‘Girls’ Creator/Star Lena Dunham: British Television Has Shaped Me

Might there be a bit of Edina Monsoon or Nessa Jenkins in Lena Dunham‘s controversial, post-feminist creations on Girls? The Golden Globe-winning star and creator of the acclaimed HBO series cited British TV as an influence when …

Joanna Lumley is Taking Patsy to the Grave

Joanna Lumley broke the mold when bringing Absolutely Fabulous‘s Patsy to life. It’s understandable she doesn’t want anyone else playing her.

New Year’s Resolutions: Some Absolutely Fabulous Quotes to Live By

When choosing a role model to help you navigate the rocky path to enlightenment, make sure you get one that has learned from their mistakes, otherwise every nugget of wisdom offered has to be considered just theory, and untested by the …

Holiday Gift Guide for Her (Maybe Him)

Christmas shopping can be stressful for some with the crowds and “accidental” elbow in the rib. BBC America might be able to help cut down on the holiday madness and take out some of the guesswork.