A Very British Christmas

A Very British Christmas Part 6: The Queen’s Speech

There are two views on what every British person should do when the Queen makes her annual address to the nation at 3pm on Christmas Day. One is respectful, the other less so, but not out of any sense of malice.

A Very British Christmas: Sprouts

Apart from the Christmas tree itself, no single item of vegetation dominates the British Christmas as much as the humble Brussels sprout. These tiny green balls of misery/delight are the single most controversial course on any …

A Very British Christmas Part 4: Pantomimes

Finding out about pantomimes is like being asked to join the Freemasons, or finding the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts. If you know, you don’t need to ask, if you need to ask, you’ll never know.

A Very British Christmas Part 3: Crackers

Let me start with a story. A couple of years ago I was interviewing a singer in an American band over the phone, and I asked what his plan for the holidays might be.

A Very British Christmas Part 2: Mince Pies

Have you ever tried explaining your family traditions to other people? It’s not easy.

A Very British Christmas Part 1: Three Essential Songs

A big part of every festive season is the annual digging out of the Christmas CDs while you’re putting up your decorations. There are old favorites to dust down, together with the addition of new and exciting cover versions of …