A Very British Christmas

WATCH: How to Have a British Christmas

From explosives at the dinner table (!) to lighting food on fire, the Brits know how to do Christmas with a bang.

A Traditional English Christmas in a Can

People get overexcited on Christmas day and find it hard to tear themselves away from their new toys, even if it’s to join their family at the dinner table. The people over at the U.K.

Snapshot: 21 Photos of U.K. Christmas Lights

The Brits really know how to do Christmas, lighting up the streets with bulbs and fireworks, getting out the decorations and displaying Christmas wishes. Check out this snapshot of 21 photos of Christmas done right, seen throughout the …

5 British Holiday Foods Every American Should Try

You’ve already had your Thanksgiving dinner, so this post should come as no threat whatsoever to the all-American delights of candied yam and tater tots. But if you’re considering Britishing up your festivities this year, …

Anatomy of a British Christmas Dinner

Let’s start this by admitting that everything we assume about what everyone else does on Christmas Day is probably wrong. And certainly within the field of Christmas dinner, in Britain as in America, There are traditions, and …

10 Ways to British Up Your Christmas Holiday

Many American Christmas traditions trace back to England, like the main staples of decorating your home, putting up a tree, exchanging presents and having a mid-day dinner. Why not British it up a bit more this year? 

A Very British Christmas Part 10: Five Great TV Specials

If there were no Christmas, there would still be a need for everyone to mark a point in the year in order to let their hair down and lark about. Birthdays are fine, but too specific to one person.

A Very British Christmas Part 9: Top of the Pops

So far, we’ve looked at the Christmas meal, the pudding, the collapse into a TV coma afterwards and everything that happens on Boxing Day, but what of Christmas morning itself? What of that precious time where the children of the …

A Very British Christmas Part 8: Christmas Pudding

The only definite fact about Christmas pudding that is applicable to all British people at Christmas time is that they know what it is. They may call it a plum duff, or a plum pudding, and they may serve it with brandy butter (exactly …

A Very British Christmas Part 7: Boxing Day

You know me, I like to see both sides of the enormous cultural gulf between America and Britain. I like to shrug at the things we do differently, roll my eyes in an amused fashion, and tut upwards, as if to say “what are we like, …