Paul Hammans – Best of ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Ballot

Paul Hammans
I have watched every episode of Doctor Who as it was broadcast from its first in 1963 to today. I have recently begun writing for WhatCulture, specializing in Doctor Who, but now looking at writing in other areas, too. I have a fairly new personal blog (1 year old) that specializes in Who and related.

Favorite monster, villain or creature
1. The Daleks
2. The Celestial Toymaker
3. The Axons
4. Kahler Cyborg
5. The Mechanoids

Favorite episodes
1. The Daleks (second in Daleks Invasion of Earth series)
It showed the Daleks at their best – extreme and dangerous. A real threat.
2. The Celestial Toymaker
3. Vincent & The Doctor
4. The Girl in the Fireplace
5. Genesis of The Daleks

Favorite companions
1. Clara Oswald
2. Zoe Heriot
3. Sarah Jane Smith
4. Jack Harkness
5. Leela

Favorite Doctors
1. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
An excellent portrayal of that unique combination of all that is both ancient and youthful in The Doctor.
2. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
3. First Doctor (William Hartnell)
4. Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
5. Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

Favorite TARDIS set
The one before the current one, i.e. Eleven’s first.

Saddest moment in Doctor Who history
Death of Adric.

Greatest Doctor Who opening sequence ever
No preference – they’re all just great.

Greatest Doctor Who writer ever
Moffat closely followed by Davies.

Why Doctor Who endures
Continuing, and consistent, relevance as a reflector of our human condition from generation to generation. I know it’s a second reason technically, but is somewhat related to the first and that is sheer the constancy of The Doctor’s being. He is what he is – dependably so.

Greatest Doctor’s costume
Four’s. Long scarf and hat with mad expression peering from underneath the brim, (oh, that’s not a costume, but he wore it well!)