Nicole McLernon – Best of ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Ballot

Nicole McLernon
I started watching Doctor Who earlier in 2013.

Favorite monster, villain or creature
1. The Weeping Angels
The Weeping Angels were the first monsters that really scared me. Steven Moffat took a totally innocuous item – an angel statue – and made it terrifying.
2. The Silence
3. The Ood
4. The Vashta Nerada
5. The monster that possessed Sky in “Midnight”

Favorite episodes
1. Human Nature/Family of Blood
This two-parter showed a side of the Doctor I had never seen before – the truly human side. And it showcased David Tennant’s acting ability phenomenally. The setting, acting, sets, characters – everything was superb.
2. Doomsday
3. End of Time Parts 1 and 2
4. Blink
5. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

Favorite companions
1. Donna Noble
Donna Noble grew the most as a person while she was with the Doctor. But she never lost her sass while doing it.
2. Amy and Rory
3. Rose Tyler
4. Wilf Mott
5. River Song

Favorite Doctors
1. Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
The Tenth Doctor encapsulated brilliantly the joy and the heartbreak of being the last of the Time Lords. David Tennant’s stunning characterization kept me coming back for more and more and more. When he left, I sobbed.
2. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
3. Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

Favorite TARDIS set

Saddest moment in Doctor Who history
Ten’s Regeneration

Greatest Doctor Who writer ever
I’m rather partial to Steven Moffat

Why Doctor Who endures
That is a question that I have wrestled with for a long time. The only satisfactory answer I come up with is this – the show allows us to dream bigger, imagine more, feel deeper. The Doctor opens up a new world of hopes and dreams, of heartache and loss, of joy in simply having the adventure of one’s own life. In the whole of time and space, the things that truly matter are the people we hold most dear. And the Doctor just keeps reminding us of that in each episode.

Greatest Doctor’s costume
Ten’s Brown Suit

Greatest fan-made Doctor Who video