Laura Palmer – Best of ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Ballot

Laura Palmer
I began watching Doctor Who on PBS stations around 1990. I remember seeing Tom Baker seasons on WNYC before it was dropped, then found the show again when the Jon Pertwee seasons were showing on WLIW. As a UNIT-era fan, I hooked up with a small group and produced a couple of seasons of the Sergeant-At-Arms newletter for the John Levene fan club. I was in a couple of other clubs through the 90s, and attended conventions in several states plus the 40th Anniversary convention in London. I follow the new series, but usually see the episodes only once. I’m very keen to see what Peter Capaldi does with the role.

Favorite monster, villain or creature
1. Adipose
Well, they’re as adorable as Despicable Me’s Minions, and what woman wouldn’t gladly give up a few pounds to generate one?
2. Sea Devils
3. Cybermats
4. Drashigs
5. Zygons

Favorite episodes
1. Invasion of the Dinosaurs
While the clay dinosaur figures are very primitive, this story has some very compelling issues, such as benefactors who are willing to destroy humanity to save it. Also, it was very compelling to have the establishment and everyone else against the Doctor and UNIT.
2. Inferno
3. The Daemons
4. Vincent and the Doctor
5. The Unquiet Dead

Favorite companions
1. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
For a character whose primary dramatic function is to fail, the Brigadier maintains a great deal of dignity. Nicholas Courtney portrayed him with a lovely mix of aplomb and comic frustration.
2. Ian Chesterton
3. Barbara Wright
4. Donna Noble
5. Sarah Jane Smith

Favorite Doctors
1. Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
Though the first Doctor I saw was Tom Baker, when I reached the point that I began to dream about the show (and you will), I dreamed about Jon Pertwee. If I had to face death, I’d prefer to have the Third Doctor by my side.
2. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
3. Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)
4. Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
5. Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)

Favorite TARDIS set
Tom Baker’s wood paneled “second control room”

Saddest moment in Doctor Who history
When Donna Noble was cheated out of her memories.

Greatest Doctor Who opening sequence ever
Title sequence? Perhaps the first, with that mysterious light trail. Later sequences splashed out to an increasingly gaudy effect.

Greatest Doctor Who writer ever
Robert Holmes

Why Doctor Who endures
Regeneration kept the adventure fresh, and allowed subtle changes with the times.

Greatest Doctor’s costume
Paul McGann’s Edwardian outfit was just right. All dressed up, but sadly nowhere to go.

Greatest fan-made Doctor Who video
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet theatre cast their googly eyes over Doctor Who story codes.