Laura Byrne Cristiano – Best of ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Ballot

Laura Byrne Cristiano
I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since the late 1970s when my dad and I would watch the show. I’m currently the lead Doctor Who Writer for I also host the Doctor Who and Google Hangout associated with Hypable called WhoHype.

Peter Davison was “my Doctor” of the classic Doctor Who era. Even though Peter Davison was my first Doctor, my favorite Doctor and Companion are David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

Favorite monster, villain or creature
1. The Daleks
2. The Weeping Angels
3. The Cybermen
4. Vashta Nerada
5. The Rani

Favorite episodes
1. The Waters of Mars
We always get to see people being impressed by the Doctor, and there are people the Doctor finds impressive such as great world leaders. This was really the first time that we met a personal hero of the Doctor’s, a group of people her admired and respected. The Doctor’s so emotionally wounded at this point, he’s willing to do what he knows is intrinsically wrong by trying to change a fixed point in time, only to have his own “hero” confront him about his less than heroic actions, and thwart him by taking her own life.
2. Journey’s End
3. Earthshock
4. Asylum of the Daleks
5. Resurrection of the Daleks

Favorite companions
1. Donna Noble
Donna is the perfect companion: cheeky, daring, funny, compassionate and not too overly impressed by the Doctor
2. Tegan Jovanka
3. Adric
4. Jack Harkness
5. Sarah Jane Smith

Favorite Doctors
1. Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
David Tennant’s Doctor could equally play empathy, anger, and comedy. He had a really good balance of those emotions coupled with an exuberance of a geeky, 16-year-old boy. He was probably one the the Doctor’s that felt the most human, which made you as the viewer relate to him more. He wore his heart on his sleeve more than any of other Doctor.
2. Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)
3. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
4. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
5. Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)

Favorite TARDIS set
I really miss the steampunk Tardis that Tennant had

Saddest moment in Doctor Who history
Death of Adric

Greatest Doctor Who opening sequence ever
Rose Tyler’s voiceover for the beginning of Doomsday

Greatest Doctor Who writer ever
Neil Gaiman

Why Doctor Who endures
Doctor Who at its core is a show about people helping others and doing what’s right despite the odds. It’s a show about people who make a difference, and I think that’s something that deep down all of is would like to do.

Greatest Doctor’s costume
Idris’ costume as worn by Suranne Jones in The Doctor’s Wife

Greatest fan-made Doctor Who video