Kelly Schwarze – Best of ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Ballot

Kelly Schwarze
I’m an editor at POPSUGAR Tech where we write about all things geeky from gadgets to Time Lords. I watched Doctor Who a bit when it was first brought back in 2005, but really got into it about three years ago.

Favorite monster, villain or creature
1. The Silence
A recent monster, I know, but the Silence is terrifying and have me pulling a blanket over my eyes whenever they’re in a scene.
2. Cassandra.
3. Clockwork Droids

Favorite episodes
1. The Beast Below
I love the episodes that stand alone, that I could show to friends unfamiliar with the show, and know they’d not be completely lost. For me, The Beast Below is one such episode. It’s accessible to non-Whovians. But it is also one of the first episodes I watched of Doctor Who again after watching part of the Ninth Doctor, and made me see how magical the show can be. That this whale is saving humans of choice, no longer because he’s forced to. And for those new to the show, the analogy sheds some light on why the Doctor keeps returning to Earth.

Favorite companion
None listed

Favorite Doctor
None listed

Saddest moment in Doctor Who history
The scene between Amys saying goodbye in the Girl Who Waited.

Why Doctor Who endures
It’s a show not just for kids or adults, it crosses that generational bridge while many shows are stuck in either children’s content or too adult for prime time.

Who doesn’t dream of traveling all through space and time? The show plays to the science fiction world we daydream about. Meeting Vincent Van Gogh? Done, and we’ll help the once poor struggling artist see the lasting effect his works had on the world.

Greatest Doctor’s costume
I do appreciate how generally badass the Ninth Doctor’s leather jacket made him.