Jill Sexton – Best of ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Ballot

Jill Sexton
I write about Doctor Who for WhatCulture.com. I’m a relatively new fan—within the past year—but I’m wholeheartedly dedicated to the show.

Favorite monster, villain or creature
1. The Weeping Angels
The Weeping Angels are terrifying. They are terrifying within the context of the show because their method of killing – transporting back in time and letting you live to death – is devastating. You are ripped from your present world, away from everyone and everything you love, and must continue living, knowing you will never be able to see them again. They are terrifying for the audience as well, because Moffat has done an incredible job of planting the seed of possibility that hidden among any and every statue is a weeping angel, waiting to attack. The Weeping Angels are sci-fi monsters at their best.
2. The Ood
3. Sontarans
4. Sisters of Plenitude
5. Dalek Khan

Favorite episodes
1. Planet of the Ood
“Planet of the Ood” is my favourite episode for so many reasons. 1. I love the Ood, and I love that we get to learn more about them. They are a wise, gentle species, and they show real tenacity when it comes to saving themselves. 2. This is the episode where, in my opinion, we are finally assured that Donna is the right companion for the Doctor. We see her compassion, her heartbreak, her badassery, and the Doctor’s faith in her. 3. “Planet of the Ood” also showcases some real social commentary about the horrors of the slave market, a delve into a facet of reality that we don’t often see in Doctor Who. 4. The Song of the Ood is so beautiful and sad, and I have an emotional reaction every time I hear it played throughout the rest of the season. 5. This episode lays some serious foreshadowing for the end the season. The writing is so subtle and clever that when The DoctorDonna shows up again in “Journey’s End,” the audience is rewarded with a fantastic, unforeseen twist.
2. The Empty Child
3. Human Nature/The Family of Blood
4. The End of Time
5. Blink

Favorite companions
1. Donna Noble
Donna is the perfect companion because not only does she bring out the best in the Doctor, but he brings out the best in her. Their relationship is rewarding in that there is zero romantic tension, so we are able to see how their friendship truly transforms the both of them into better versions of themselves. And Donna is super funny.
2. Rose
3. Wilf
4. Rory
5. Sarah Jane Smith

Favorite Doctors
1. Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
They say you never forget your first Doctor. Ten was my first, and I loved him from beginning to end. What I think is incredible about Ten and Tennant’s acting is that we can see his evolution throughout his three series, so that there is real character development throughout his duration as the Doctor.
2. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
3. First Doctor (William Hartnell)
4. Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
5. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

Favorite TARDIS set
Eleventh Doctor

Saddest moment in Doctor Who history
When the Doctor erased Donna’s memory of him

Greatest Doctor Who writer ever
Russell T Davies

Why Doctor Who endures
Doctor Who has the ability, more than any other TV show, to hook audiences on an intellectual and emotional level. The Doctor is whimsical and strange, but also kindhearted and clever. The premise – travelling through all time and space – is the most appealing on television, and the endless possibilities, coupled with companions who create interesting dynamics, make for riveting TV. There’s nothing that sparks joy in audiences like the hope that one day, the TARDIS might land in our backyard, and we might be invited to explore the galaxy with a madman in a blue box.

Greatest Doctor’s costume
Tom Baker and his scarf