Dan Williams – Best of ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Ballot

Dan Williams
Current Site Owner of PopCulturePreview.com; Watching Doctor Who since early 1980s

Favorite monster, villain or creature
1. The Cybermen
Has there ever been a better example of the series’ continual change than the Cybermen? Sure the Daleks have been around but they really have not evolved as much over the course of the series. The Cybermen have constantly adapted as the show rolled on in appearance and in powers so that they remain a relevant threat.
2. The Master
Not a monster or creature but definitely the Doctor’s archenemy.
3. The Weeping Angels
4. The Silence
5. The Zygons

Favorite episodes
1. Pyramids of Mars
Its largely nostalgic but I remember flipping past PBS as a child and seeing the large “mummies” pursuing a gangly man in a trench coat with a long scarf and I was instantly riveted to the show. It still holds up better than many shows and I think that it is the perfect Doctor/Sarah Jane episode. Sarah’s reaction to the Doctor’s somewhat pompous comment “I’m A Timelord, I walk in Eternity” is a classic Doctor Who moment.
2. The Three Doctors
3. The Eleventh Hour
4. Blink
5. The Beast Below

Favorite companions
1. Romana
She was another Time Lord that, academically was smarter than the Doctor and when first introduced, she had such an arrogance but during the course of her time on the show her character does such a change and the end result is the perfect Scully to Baker’s Mulder.
2. Amy Pond
3. Sarah Jane Smith
4. K-9
5. Jamie McCrimmon

Favorite Doctors
1. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
He embodies everything Doctor Who is. Tom Baker was iconic in appearance and his sometimes moody attitude is always fun. He had a childlike sense of wonder that was never repeated until Matt Smith took the role…and he was my first Doctor.
2. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
3. Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)
4. Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)
5. Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)

Favorite TARDIS set
11th Doctors from the Christmas Episode

Saddest moment in Doctor Who history
Adric’s death. Ha! Kidding—no, it has to be Sarah Jane telling the Doctor not to forget her in “Hand of Fear.”

Greatest Doctor Who opening sequence ever
The first Sylvester McCoy opening. It bridged the classic with the more modern interpretations

Greatest Doctor Who writer ever
Steven Moffat

Why Doctor Who endures
The show has so much heart that they had to equip the hero with 2. He is an alien Timelord that has more power than any human being ever yet the show constantly enforces that the Doctor isn’t that much different. He still has problems, dilemmas, disappointments and makes mistakes. The show easily could have turned into more of a Superman style series where he is invincible but the Doctor often relies on his companions to help in the solution. He admires the human race and tries, often unsuccessfully, to blend.

Greatest Doctor’s costume
It has to be Tom Baker’s Burgandy ensemble from Season 18

Greatest fan-made Doctor Who video
I don’t know if this counts but just this collection of openings is something I often queue up when writing a review.