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The Brit List: 10 Weird Ways To Break Your Phone In Britain

Hey, everyone has a clumsy moment from time to time. And sometimes the only way to put that moment right is to call your insurers.

The Brit List: 10 American Words or Phrases Adopted by Brits

In a forgotten corner of England’s green and (mostly) pleasant land — sure as the sun rises over the cricket pitch and the flies buzz around the damp thatch atop the old Post Office — some retired Colonel in the home …

The Brit List: 15 Cool Uses for a London Black Cab

London black cabs will never lose their allure. The ride can be a bit pricey, but when you’re traveling in Britain’s capital, it’s nice to treat yourself. You definitely are traveling in style.

The Brit List: 15 Cockney Rhyming Slang Terms

It’s not 100 percent known how cockney rhyming slang — the replacement of a common word with a rhyming phrase — came about, but it’s typically thought that the tricky word play was a type of code amongst groups of people in 19th …

The Brit List: The Fifteen Greatest Actors Who Were Almost James Bond

Over the 50 years since James Bond first stalked that bloody circle at the beginning of Dr No, many, many actors have been considered for the role. Some have been dismissed by producers, some have ruled themselves out due to concerns …

The Brit List: Five British Desserts With Disgusting Names

Let’s start with the classic, the one everyone knows:

1: Spotted Dick

Happy Birthday Liam Gallagher: An Oasis Top 5

Say what you like about the boutique magpie retro of Oasis’s recording career, but you can’t deny that in Liam Gallagher they boasted one of the best singers the UK has produced since… always. A snarling mongrel mix of …

The Brit List: Five Underrated Pink Floyd Songs

Is it appropriate to wish Roger Waters a happy birthday? He never seemed like the type to enjoy those kind of well-meant, banal good wishes.

The Brit List: Five Great Mark Ronson Collaborations

The Brit List: 15 Cool Uses for a London Double Decker Bus

You can’t beat riding on top of the London double decker bus. That made us think, what other cool uses are there for the iconic red bus?