The Brit List

The Brit List: The Greatest British Viral Videos Of 2012

Note: As with all of our ‘greatest’ lists, the greatness of these videos is not open to debate. They are great on a scale that has yet to be accurately measured by science, even if some of them are a little NSFW.

The Brit List: 10 Greatest British Songs of 2012

Note: this is not a subjective list made by two members of the Anglophenia writing team. This is a statement of scientific fact.

How To Add A Touch Of Class To Anything: Add An ‘Old English…’

Language makes suckers of us all. You only have to look at eBay to see how easily a word like rare or vintage can make any old crap look more attractive than it really is.

The Brit List: 10 British Actors and Actresses Who Could Get Oscar Nominations

Every year right about this time, handicapping for the Oscars begins. Who will be nominated for an Academy Award? Who will win?

The Brit List: Top Five Oscar Wilde Epigrams

Here at Anglophenia, we’re just wild about Oscar Wilde, which is why we are solemnly noting tomorrow’s 112th anniversary of his death.

The Brit List: Five British Holidays Americans May Not Know About

Greetings from Britfordshire, and a happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Is that right? Is that how you say it?

The Brit List: Five British Terms for the Unemployed

Made Redundant

Let’s start with the nicest possible way to go from being in gainful employment to not being in gainful employment, when your job ceases to exist. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong, it’s merely that the company …

The Brit List: Five Recent British Hits, Covered By YouTubers

Last week I had a bit of a moment getting grumpy about the gentrification of pop music, with particular reference to deliberately minimal and maudlin cover versions of old hits for the sake of advertisers. But that doesn’t mean …

The Brit List: Five Great British Political Dramas

Greetings from Limeytown! I’m told you’re having something of an election thing this week? Well, jolly good luck with it, and I hope you get the representative you feel you deserve.

The Brit List: 10 British Words That Don’t Have a U.S. Equivalent

Blag A little item of criminal slang that has found its way into common use. To blag something is to get it for free, possibly without deserving to.