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Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.

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WATCH: Mark Rylance Goes Full ’80s in New ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer

We’ve got our first glimpse at a future dystopian version of Mark Rylance in the trailer for Ready Player One released yesterday (December 10). Rylance plays James Halliday, the creator of OASIS, a virtual reality world that people in the year 2045 engage in various activities to escape their real lives. The film is an adaptation of Ernest […]


Bah, Humbug! 10 Feel-Bad Christmas Movies for the Misanthrope in Your Life

Christmas is coming, which means the TV schedules are full of heartwarming movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, Home Alone, The Holiday, and Love Actually. It’s a cosy and sentimental time of year, but what if all this forced jollity makes you yearn to escape? What if, rather than wishing good will to all men, you feel nothing but alienation […]

A Christmas Crow

Can You Spot Which A-Lister is Playing Elizabeth I in ‘Upstart Crow’?

There’s no mistaking who she’s supposed to be, but under all that ivory make-up and that red-haired wig is Emma Thompson. The Nanny McPhee star has been made to look like Queen Elizabeth I for a special Christmas episode of Upstart Crow, a sitcom about William Shakespeare written by Blackadder‘s Ben Elton. Don’t believe us? Then here’s Emma in […]

Actors Claire Foy (L) and Matt Smith (R) attend the World Premiere of season 2 of Netflix “The Crown” at Odeon Leicester Square on November 21, 2017 in London, England.

WATCH: Matt Smith Drops Hints About Who Might Replace Him in ‘The Crown’

It was a Crown double whammy last night (December 4), with Claire Foy joining Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show sofa and Matt Smith appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers an hour later. The second season of Netflix’s epic royal drama launches this Friday (December 8), and though there are another four seasons planned, it’s the end […]


WATCH: Saoirse Ronan Has a Nifty Way of Explaining How to Pronounce Her Name

With two Oscar-nominated performances in Atonement and Brooklyn under her belt, there’s just one thing stopping Saoirse Ronan becoming a household name: how you pronounce it. Her traditional Gaelic name certainly has a lot of vowels, leading some to call her “Say-orsey” or even “Sow-erse.” Even people with the name disagree, with some pronouncing it “Seer-she” and others (like this Saoirse) pronouncing […]


When ‘Boy Meets Girl’ Becomes ‘Girl Meets Sea Monster’: 10 of the Best Unconventional Love Stories

New film The Shape of Water, currently in theaters (December 1), gives new meaning to the word “unconventional.” Part fantasy, part Cold War drama, it stars Paddington‘s Sally Hawkins as Elisa Esposito, a mute custodian of a scientific laboratory who befriends and falls in love with… er, an amphibious sea creature. Things start to make a bit more […]


Daniel Day-Lewis Reveals Why ‘Phantom Thread’ Will Be His Last Film

Sir Daniel Day-Lewis has spoken publicly for the first time about his decision to quit acting — first announced back in June — saying the making of his latest film left him “overwhelmed” with sadness. “I haven’t figured it out,” he told W magazine. “But it’s settled on me, and it’s just there. […] [It] happened during the telling of the story, and […]

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