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WATCH: Dame Helen Mirren Declares 'I'm a Commoner'

She may be titled Dame Helen Mirren, and she may be portraying the Queen on Broadway in the play The Audience but the British actress insists she’s a quite ordinary person. “I am a commoner anywhere that I am.

WATCH: John Cleese Dismisses Taylor Swift Catfight Rumors

Looking older but as sharp-witted and energetic as ever, the five living members of Britain’s beloved Monty Python were the big attraction at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday night (April 24) where they attended a special 40th …

WATCH: Dame Helen Mirren, A Queen of Two Roles

In New York, Dame Helen Mirren is currently basking in significant praise for two roles, playing Her Majesty The Queen in The Audience on Broadway and on the big screen as a Holocaust survivor who’s trying to get restitution in …