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Agatha Christie: Four Heroines That Make Her an Unlikely Feminist Icon

Despite being one of the most famous authors of all time, Agatha Christie has sometimes been criticized for featuring stale gender stereotypes in her books and plays. But in fact, she fought Victorian literary conventions, which saw women painted as frivolous and focused on men, to bring the public gutsy females with great minds. Christie’s […]


10 Classic Schoolyard Games: Americans vs. Brits

British and American kids spend their lunch breaks playing a lot of the same schoolyard games: everything from hopscotch and Blind Man’s Buff to jump rope, better known as skipping in the U.K. But some playground pursuits never crossed the Atlantic. Here’s our guide to some uniquely British and American break-time games. Note that rules, […]


8 Things No One Tells You About Living in the U.S.

Looking back to when I first moved to the U.S., it’s now clear that I knew almost nothing about what day-to-day life in America was like. But over the years, you pick up clues and adapt accordingly. Some things you learn to love; others require you to develop some serious coping strategies. This is the […]

Quiz: Which U.S. Region Should You Move To?

As an expat, choosing where to settle in the U.S.–if your job or family doesn’t do this for you–is the one of the biggest dilemmas you’ll face. But knowing roughly what kind of lifestyle awaits in one of the eight major regions will help you narrow it down. Right now, you’re just a few probing […]

Personality Quiz: How ‘American’ Are You in Restaurants?

As an expat living in the U.S., you can either get with local dining culture or stick rigidly to your British ideas about restaurant etiquette. Find out how well you’ve adapted to eating out American style with our scientifically accurate quiz. See more: Editorial: Is Tipping in America Excessive? An Englishman’s Take Tipping in America: […]


8 Ways to Improve Your Expat Life in 2015

Has your American existence stagnated? Do you feel like rebooting everything from your friendships to your eating habits? Well, we can’t turn you off and on again, Brits, but we can offer some refreshing advice designed to ensure that your coming year in the U.S. is a great one. Meet new people This mantra occupies […]

Tax Preparers Help Last Minute Filers Ahead Of Income Tax Deadline

6 Tax Tips for Expat Brits in the U.S.

Do you go cross-eyed at the thought of sifting through your receipts and paystubs every January as one American tax year ends another begins? Alas, there’s (probably) no getting away from it: you need to get your financial house in order and file a return. 1. Don’t assume you’re exempt Whether you have a green […]


Brit Binge: How to Catch Up with British Shows Over the Holidays

If you’re in America over the festive season, you may find yourself gagging for some quality U.K. telly to help pass the time between gobbling turkey and rowing with your family over Skype. Alas, you won’t be able to view this year’s Christmas specials as they air in the U.K., but there are plenty of […]


Help! Siri Can’t Understand My British Accent

So, I finally caved and bought an iPhone. What can I tell you, I had a coupon for a free case. After unpacking it with the kind of care and attention that’s normally reserved for de-swaddling a sweaty newborn, I caress the glass and accidentally press or swipe something that launches Siri. “Ooh, it’s a […]

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