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Before Kate and Diana, An American Princess: Grace Kelly

When it comes to poised, polished commoners marrying into royalty, Kate Middleton‘s not the first to have every detail of her wedding reported upon breathlessly by the world’s press. Take Grace Kelly, the Hollywood  …

Who’s Designing Kate’s Wedding Dress? A Look at the Usual Suspects

If speculation about who will design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is already at fever pitch, could the atmosphere in the fashion world possibly become any more febrile? The answer is undoubtedly yes.

Will Kate Middleton Wear a Tiara for the Royal Wedding?

All that glitters is not necessarily gold – it might be a diamond and silver tiara, the elegant, crown-like headpiece favored by princesses and brides.

Charles and Diana’s Visit to U.S., Remembered Quarter-Century Later

In late June, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first official overseas trip will be to Canada. It’s a country with strong links to the monarchy, so a rousing reception is to be expected.

Royal Wedding Fever Hits Ohio: Black Tie Optional, Tiaras Encouraged

As she plans her royal wedding party, Kathleen Kern of Cincinnati, Ohio can’t quite decide on one crucial aspect. Should she hire actors to play Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Westminster Abbey Buzzing Along with Royal Wedding Preparations

At Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Kate Middleton are to be married, the build up to the wedding has begun. “There’s a buzz about the place,” Duncan Jeffrey, the Abbey’s head of communications, …

Trains and Tiaras: The Royal Wedding Gown as Fashion Statement

Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress is sure to be the topic of discussion on April 29 — whatever she chooses to wear will be endlessly imitated, discussed, debated, and critiqued. Her choice will instantly become a global fashion  …

Wedding Music: Will William and Kate Follow Royal Tradition?

As Prince William and Kate Middleton draw up the order of service for their own wedding at Westminster Abbey, they have plenty of family examples rich in tradition to study, and no end of ceremonial music to choose from. The first …

Royal Wedding Fever: Why Americans Might Feel It More Than Brits Do

As the royal wedding approaches, Nicky Perry is making elaborate plans to celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s marriage. “We’re going to have ourselves a right old knees-up,” says the exuberant owner of Tea …

Wallis Simpson: How an American Stole the Heart of a British King

Wallis Simpson never became Queen, but the Baltimore-raised society hostess did win the heart of a King. The 1930s love affair between Wallis, the American socialite, and King Edward VIII, ended with the King abdicating so he could be …