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WATCH: The Trailer for ‘Catastrophe’ Season 2

If you’re game for a hilarious Brit binge, look no further than Amazon’s Catastrophe starring Pulling‘s Sharon Horgan and comedian Rob Delaney. The London-set sitcom tells the story of a visiting American ad exec Rob …

WATCH: The Vikings: Myth vs. Fact

When you think of the Vikings, do you envision savage brutes wielding swords and shields while wearing helmets with pointy horns? Well, part of that is true.

WATCH: How to Use Cockney Rhyming Slang

If you’re only just now getting a handle on all of the basic differences between American and British English, there’s a whole other U.K. lingo to learn: Cockney rhyming slang.

WATCH: How to Make British Cocktails

No, the Brits aren’t just known for cider and warm beer. Some of the world’s most refreshing cocktails—from the reliable gin and tonic to the effervescent Pimm’s Cup—originated across the Atlantic.