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Royal Roundup: Couple Reportedly Settles on Corfu for Honeymoon

The Daily Star claims Kate and William will spend their honeymoon on Corfu. Despite the paper’s initial description of the Greek island as “boozy” and “sex-filled,” Corfu also “oozes elegance and …

Royal Roundup: Wedding Security Plans Said to Include ‘Wall of Steel’

Security officials in the UK are planning to erect “a wall of steel” around the royal wedding, The Daily Express reports.

Royal Roundup: The Queen Visits William’s RAF Base

In advance of the Queen’s visit to his Royal Air Force base today (April 1), William was interviewed by BBC television. William primarily spoke of his work as a Sea King helicopter co-pilot.

Royal Roundup: Lego Makes Sure Kate & William are a Model Couple

The UK’s Legoland has created a royal wedding tribute. Brick by tiny brick the theme park has assembled a wedding scene complete with William in uniform and Kate in her wedding dress, The Daily Mail reports.

Royal Roundup: Brush Up on Your Royal Etiquette

Just about the last place you want to commit a faux pas is at a royal wedding. BBC News has come to the rescue, publishing an etiquette guide. First, you need to get the royal rank straight.

Royal Roundup: Palace Reveals Wedding Reception Details

The plebes of the press have learned some details of the reception the Queen will hold for Kate and William after the ceremony. As the 900 guests devour canapés, they can wander through the grandest rooms of Buckingham Palace.

Royal Roundup: Sweet News for Baker Fiona Cairns

The bakers have been announced for the two cakes that will be served at Kate and William’s wedding reception. The multi-tiered wedding fruit cake will be crafted by Leicestershire’s Fiona Cairns.

Technology Gives William & Kate the Upper Hand over the Press

For us dinosaurs roaming the Earth back in 1981, it’s hard to remember how much things have changed. When Prince Charles and Diana married, there was no Internet. No Facebook.

Royal Roundup: In College, William Chose Juice Over Alcohol

Ah, the life of a young prince. Away at college, nothing like stopping by one of the fancier local bars and knocking back a cocktail of … fruit juice? So reports Scotland’s Daily Record.

Royal Roundup: Britons Prefer Charles Over William as Next King

Good news for Prince Charles. A new poll says that 45 percent of Britons would prefer him to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth, as reigning monarch.