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Wedding’s Over, but Task of Charting Monarchy’s Future Lies Ahead

Weddings are about the future. So it’s worth contemplating what Kate and William face in the short-term and in the long-term.

Royal Roundup: The Big Day Arrives at Last

So the dress was by Sarah Burton, after all. If you look back over all the speculation about this momentous piece of news, the obvious takeaway is: Don’t believe everything you read.

Royal Roundup: Program and Music Posted on Official Wedding Site

The official royal wedding website has posted the wedding program and order of service. The 28-page booklet starts with William’s coat of arms on the front cover and closes with Kate’s on the back cover.

Royal Roundup: Four Tons of Foliage Delivered to Westminster Abbey

It appears Kate wants to turn Westminster Abbey into a version of Sherwood Forest. Although it was expected the Abbey would have some floral decoration, many were surprised when more than four tons of foliage was delivered yesterday …

Royal Roundup: Lily Allen: ‘Why Does Joss Stone Get an Invite and Not Moi?’

It’s come to this: one mid-level UK female pop star slagging a top-level UK pop star over a royal wedding invitation. Lily Allen is peeved that Joss Stone was invited and she was not.

The Tellyvangelist – Royal Wedding Edition: April 25 – 29

This week, royal wedding-philes have a choice: skip work or give their DVR’s a workout. It seems that every television network — with the possible exception of ESPN Classic — is devoting some programming to the royal …

Royal Roundup: Official Wedding Site Has 96-Page Media Briefing

Want to amaze ‘em at your royal party or at the office kitchen? Then head on over to the official royal website and download the 96(!)-page media briefing.

Royal Roundup: In Wedding Vows, Kate Will Not ‘Obey’ William

Kate will not “obey” William. In their wedding vows, Kate will promise to “love, comfort, honor and keep” William, but will omit “obey.”

Royal Roundup: William Reportedly Took Kate to Visit Diana’s Tomb

Kate and William paid an “emotional” visit to the tomb of Princess Diana, The Daily Mirror reports. William’s late mother is buried in a marble temple on a small island, known as “The Oval,” on the …

Royal Roundup: Paper Says Muslim Group Plans Wedding Disruptions

Events such as the royal wedding lure extremists of all kinds. In a rather fevered story, The Daily Mail reports that a small Muslim group “plans to hijack the royal wedding by burning effigies of Prince William and Kate …