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J.K. Rowling Stupefies Fans with Voldemort Revelation

Well, this is embarrassing. It turns out there might be a really good reason why the wizards and witches of the Harry Potter universe refer to their most notorious foe as “he who must not be named;” one that is unrelated to …

How Tom Hardy’s ‘Legend’ Got Around a Two-Star Review

This is a stunt worthy of the Kray twins themselves.

Tom Hardy’s new movie Legend is due out imminently, and this means making one of those posters where star ratings or review quotes from various media organizations are plastered all over the top, to make it look like a modern …

Sam Smith IS Doing the 'Spectre' Bond Song

It should be an immutable law of showbusiness that if a popular singing star is asked about a rumor that they are in the frame to perform a song for a James Bond film, and the answer is no. They’re lying.

What is a Bank Holiday?

As a momentary respite from all that parading and shopping over the Labor Day weekend, let’s take a look at public holidays in the British Isles. Specifically, the tradition the British have of calling their public holidays a bank …