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Fraser has been writing and broadcasting about music and popular culture for over 15 years, first at the Top of the Pops website, and most recently for the NME, Guardian and MSN. He also wrote BBC Radio 1's Chart Blog and reviews albums for BBC Radio 2.

He is Anglophenia's current resident Brit, blogging about British slang and running around the Mall taking snaps of the crowd at the Royal Wedding, as well as reigniting a childhood passion for classic Doctor Who and cramming as much music in as he can manage.

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British Stars Turn Out for First U.S. Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day arrived at NBC yesterday, and among the fun and hoopla, an avalanche of British stars turning out to perform skits and songs and generally lark about. They’re doing so in order to raise money for Comic Relief, a …

J.K. Rowling and the Buffness of Longbottom

J.K. Rowling does make the internet a fun place to be sometimes.

We all know that Matthew Lewis, the podgy and gawky boy who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies, has grown into a handsome and muscular young man. This is one of those transformations that you’d be tempted to …

10 Reasons to Love Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie is the comedian who became an actor, the specialist in simpering ninnies that played a glowering heartthrob and the Oxbridge rower who tours the world playing the blues. He’s also just about to appear alongside George …

WATCH: Sir Ian McKellen’s TV Debut from 1964

To continue our occasional series spent digging around on YouTube looking for some of the very first TV adventures for prominent British acting talent, here’s a virtual spelunk that goes all the way back to 1964.

LOOK: Sir Elton John’s School Reunion Photo

Here’s a small prediction: Should any of the people in Sir Elton John’s recent Instagram photo of his school reunion possess social media accounts of their own, their version of this photo will be slightly less concerned …

It’s Eurovision Song Contest Time Again…

Around this time of year, every year, the countries of Europe (and a few other places) stock up on glitter, fake tan, prosthetics, spandex, more glitter and flouncy skirts, and send their singing stars off to a remote location in order …

David Tennant to Play Psychiatrist R. D. Laing

The Cannes film festival is proving to be a great source of tantalizing information about potential future movies at the moment, as production companies swarm across the South of France trying to secure funding for their great ideas.