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WATCH: New ‘Mr. Holmes’ Trailer Reveals Unsolved Case

Mr. Holmes hits U.S. theaters on July 17, and we have a new trailer.

There have been times that a film rolls out photo after photo, and a teaser trailer, and then another trailer, building up to the release, and you’re like, “Really? I know the whole story now,” but this isn’t one of the cases.

10 Reasons We Love Alan Rickman

British actor Alan Rickman is a mainstay on our always growing list of Anglo fan favorites, and we’re not shy to say we’re fans too. We try to keep up with Rickman and report on his latest going-ons, which made us think, …

The Princess Has Been Named!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine, have released the name of their new baby through Kensington Palace, reports BBC News.