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Will London Tube Riders Offer Their Seats to a Pregnant Woman?

Do you ever find yourself on the subway or bus standing next to a visibly pregnant woman and think to yourself, “Umm, can someone offer her their seat?” Of course, the woman could ask, but is that really necessary?

10 British Things About Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine topped Forbes‘ 2013 list of best cities for jobs, coming in at number one. With the job nailed down you can enjoy the niceties of Maine’s capital like exploring Old Port, the Downtown District; picking up the ...

Snapshot: 10 Photos of the Most Epic Libraries in the U.K.

With the digital age making information available at the click of a button, it’s easy for some to forget about the draw of a library. But there’s nothing like walking into a library, with so much material in front of you, all ...

WATCH: Liam Neeson Stars in ‘Third Person’ Trailer

Irish actor Liam Neeson takes on the role of an obsessed writer in Crash director Paul Haggis’ new film Third Person.

After Postage Price Hike, British Businessman Hires Carrier Pigeons

Royal Mail recently increased the first-class stamp by two pence (three cents), and the second-class stamp by three pence (five cents). For small businesses, this can add up.

Speedy’s Cafe to Post ‘Sherlock’ Fan Art Online

Creating an amazing piece of fan art is like being all dressed up and having nowhere to go; you want people to see it, most of all the people who inspired the work.

Is It or Isn’t It? Banksy-like Artwork Has Popped Up in Gloucestershire, England

An outdoor mural has turned up in Cheltenham, a borough in Gloucestershire, England, and people are wondering, “Is it or isn’t it?” A Banksy, that is.

Crafty British eBay Seller Gets £62 for Unique Twigs

A young child may be more keen on playing with the box a gift comes in rather than the actual present. London-based eBay seller Whackychop may have had this in mind when attempting to sell six twigs as playthings to open-minded parents ...

Miranda’s Tom Ellis Has Made the Move to the USA Network

Tom Ellis, who portrayed Miranda Hart’s crush Gary Preston on the BBC1 comedy Miranda, stars in the USA Network pilot Rush, reports RadioTimes.

James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender Attempt Impersonations of ‘X-Men’ Castmates

Michael Fassbender, who shares the role of Magneto with Ian McKellen in the X-Men series, playing the younger version, does his best McKellen for his costars Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy.