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2013 Summer TCA Tour – Day 2

WATCH: Matt Smith Fights Against Time in ‘Patient Zero’ Trailer

We’re used to seeing Matt Smith as a time traveler, or more specifically, a Time Lord. But in his new zombie thriller Patient Zero, time is not on his side. In director Stefan Ruzowitzky‘s film, the world’s population is rapidly becoming infected by a viral super-strain, which is spreading faster than it can be contained. Smith plays a […]

Turner Upfront 2018 Arrivals

10 Guest Stars Who Stole the Show

Welcoming visiting actors to your TV family sends a message: the established cast is confident enough to share the spotlight. And, whether guests have a one-off role, or a multi-episode arc, it’s a short period of time to really shine. But while some merely glow pleasantly, others turn on their high beams. Check out 10 fantastic […]

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