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9 Children’s TV Shows From Back in the Day We Couldn’t Do Without

Dame Julie Andrews can do no wrong in our eyes. And when she speaks, we listen — even if it’s in her role as a children’s TV host, which she officially becomes today (March 17) as Julie’s Greenroom, premieres on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a preview of Andrews teaching kiddie Muppets (it’s a […]


WATCH: ‘BBC Dad’ and Wife Set the Record Straight on Gatecrashing Kids

When a routine Skype interview starring Korea pundit Robert Kelly, an assistant professor of political science at Pusan National University in South Korea, was interrupted by his own kids, the world went wild. Partway through the broadcast, his children, who’d seen dad on TV in the living room and recognized his study, decided to check in… If […]

“Logan” New York Special Screening

WATCH: ‘Logan’ Star Hugh Jackman on His Celebrity Crush Run-In

The final installment of the Wolverine series has finally hit theaters (March 3), and people seem to be liking it. With so much coverage of the film already out there, a journalist at this recent press junket for Logan preferred to go a little off-topic with a list of questions revolving around high school and crushes. First, […]

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