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It’s hard to remember life before there was Killing Eve and the groundbreaking series’ sparring partners Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve (Sandra Oh). Comer, who plays the now infamous killer for hire, just took home the 2019 Emmy for Outstanding Lead in a Drama.

While it may seem like she just popped up out of nowhere, Comer has been honing her skills as an actress for over ten years, with her first on-screen credit in 2008. You may know some of these roles… and hopefully, one or two are new to you:

1.  Justice (2011)

The legal drama Justice centers on Judge Patrick Coburn (Robert Pugh). Coburn has his eye on local tough guy Jake Little (Jake Abraham). We see a teenaged Comer take on the role of Sharna Mulhearne. In the above clip, she stands her ground against Jake, saying, “She’s scared of ya?,” talking about another girl, but clearly Sharna isn’t.

2. Silent Witness (2012)

Comer starred in two episodes of the crimes series Silent Witness, including “Fear: Part 1” and “Fear: Part 2.” She portrays a young girl named Eve Gilston, who is actually deceased. But, no worries, Comer isn’t just laying on a gurney throughout the series. The story backtracks, where we learn she’s seeking counsel from a psychiatrist, having been a victim of neglect.

3. Vera (2013)

In season three, episode three of the mystery series Vera, Comer stars as Izzy Rawlins. A group of campers witness a man on fire, running into a pond. Vera investigates what led to this turn of events. In the above clip from “Young Gods,” we see a tearful Comer as Izzy say to Vera, “Gideon’s dead??” — sob, sob — “Oh, thank gawd.” She doesn’t seem all that upset.

4. Inspector George Gently (2014)

Comer stepped into the world of Inspector George Gently in 2014, starring in the episode “Blue for Bluebird.” A young woman is found dead on a beach while vacationing. Comer takes on the role of Justine Lelyand, best friend to the deceased. Gently (Martin Shaw) leads the investigation and in this situation, everyone is suspect.

5. Remember Me (2014)

Remember Me is a three-part miniseries, revolving around Tom Parfitt (Michael Palin), who moves into a residential care facility. Comer plays Hannah, his care assistant. When Tom’s social worker is thrown from the window in his room, a lot of questions arise. People are now afraid of him, but not Hannah. She stands by Tom, not believing he was involved.

6. My Mad Fat Diary (2013-2015)

The dark comedy My Mad Fat Diary centers on a young girl (Sharon Rooney), who had a four-month stint at a psychiatric hospital following a suicide attempt (yes, this is a comedy). She makes her return home to face the big bad world… Comer plays her best friend Chloe, but she has no idea that her friend is suffering, nor that she’s been hospitalized.

7. Thirteen (2016)

In 2016, Comer first joined the BBC America family, starring in the drama Thirteen. She takes on the role of Ivy Moxam, who went missing at 13. Now 26, Ivy turns up out of seemingly nowhere. Of course her family is beyond happy to get her back, but they’re a bit shocked… having given up all hope. There are a lot of questions, one being: Is Ivy always telling the truth?

8. Rillington Place (2016)

Rillington Place is a three-part biographical drama. It revolves around serial killer John Christie (Tim Roth), who committed at least eight known murders, strangling his victims in his home. Comer and Nico Mirallegro portray a young married couple, Beryl and Tim Evans, who are his tenants. This does not bode well for them, living under a killer’s roof.

9. The White Princess (2017)

Comer starred in the title role of The White Princess, a spinoff sequel to The White Queen. Based off of Philippa Gregory‘s 2013 novel, the series details the marriage of Elizabeth of York (Comer) and Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy). This union ultimately ended the War of the Roses, but of course, when one problem is fixed, another pops up.

10. England is Mine (2017)

The 2017 biopic England is Mine speeds us up on the singer Morrissey (Jack Lowden) and what his life was like before forming the Smiths. Comer takes on the role of his coworker Christine. And, Christine is quite… calculating. She finds some of his writings and blackmails him into dating her or she will reveal his poems to the rest of the office.

11. Doctor Foster (2015-2017)

Suranne Jones takes on the role of a married, career-driven woman, who seems to have it all in Doctor Foster. Until… she finds a long blonde hair on her husband’s suit jacket. Sure, it could’ve wound up their randomly, but she pushes to find out if there’s more. While Comer does not appear in the above clip, we will say, she does have blonde hair (hint, hint).

12. Snatches: Moments from Women’s Lives (2018)

Comer starred in BBCA’s female-led Snatches: Moments from Women’s Lives short film series. It features eight extraordinary stories, inspired by ordinary women, celebrating the 100 year anniversary of women’s right to vote. Comer stars in Bovril Pan as Vicky Jones, a secretary in a 1960s typing pool. She comes across as stuck, but not for long.

It seems like Comer’s early work, while stellar on its own, has helped prepare her for the masterpiece of… Villanelle.

Are you going to go back and have a Jodie Comer marathon!!?? 

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By Brigid Brown