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We really could start and finish this list with one item, that being: Jodie Comer is amazingly addictive as the killer-for-hire Villanelle in BBC America’s Killing Eve. But, let’s indulge and dig a bit deeper, to get to know the actress herself… beyond her entrancing on-screen ways.

Here’s Jodie being her cool (not as in cold-blooded), confident self:

1. She’s a jokester.

Jodie swung by Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about the return of KE. Meyers kicks off the interview with complimenting her on her believability, saying, “You are a very effective assassin.” Apparently Comer takes it to the next level, with a “kill wall” in the makeup trailer. She explains in the above clip how it works: “Whenever we had an actor who suddenly left us, we would put a big red cross through their face, hang them upside down and put them on a separate wall. We slowly realized the death wall was so much bigger than the remaining cast.” Meyers knows she’s not really a psychopath, saying to her, “You’re a very nice in person.” But, of course, Jodie quips back, “It’s an act!” followed by a cackle.

2. She’s a jokester. 

Killing Eve is THE most popular show on TV right now (according to us). But, for an actor, their work doesn’t stop with the making of the show. Going out to do interviews and red carpet appearances is part of the job. Jodie swung by the 2019 Golden Globes and in the above we can see her gushing over her KE co-star Kim Bodnia, who plays Villanelle’s handler Konstantin. Her appreciation for him is apparent, and her praise is just flat-out cute, like where she writes, “The fish to my chips, the peanut butter to my jelly.” Saying he is her “partner in crime” is spot on, because that’s exactly what he is on the show.

3. She’s insightful. 

The world has embraced Villanelle, even though she is in fact a psychopathic serial killer. And it’s clear that Jodie has put some thought in to why this is, saying in an interview with The Guardian, “What I loved about the kills, though, was that it was always something you’d never, ever think. It was never ‘someone gets stabbed.’ There was always something creative about it. She thrives off what she does, she cares about what she does, so it made sense to me that she would care about the detail.” In other words, she gets it.

4. She’s honest.

Jodie swung by Ellen Degeneres‘ chat show, where she could talk about practically anything, painting a stunning picture of herself. And, what did she settle on sharing? Oh, the time she had so much pasta in her mouth while filming KE that she was close to choking. As she says in the above clip, “Bear in mind, I was eating pasta from like 9am… and this was about half four in the afternoon.” Like Jodie’s brother said when hearing of the mishap, and we concur, of all the things that could potentially kill Villanelle… it turned out to be pasta. We’re glad it passed and she was okay to rehash this story.

5. She’s stylish.

Jodie oozes a casual sophistication wearing simple slacks and a classic black turtleneck. It’s clear she makes the clothes, rather than the other way around. But, if you’re intrigued, in the below we see her with a bit more glam.

6. She’s playful.

Jodie turned to her Instagram account to celebrate Halloween and this little girl who is dressed up as… Villanelle! She not only shared the image, which probably put smiles on the entire @emilygrace household, but adopted this wee version of her alter ego as her “partner in crime.” Aw.

7. She’s adaptable.

Jodie sat down with the BAFTA people and quickly answered a batch of questions in 60 seconds. One of the questions read, “What was the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?” Her answer comes from the gut, with her saying, “What is meant for you, will not pass you by.” She took a minute to elaborate and give credit where due, saying, “My mum says that to me every time I’m sulking about a part that I didn’t get. And, it’s so true.” While it’s easy to get stuck… it’s clear Jodie keeps moving.

8. She’s compassionate.

View this post on Instagram

On September 10th 2012 a coach crashed on its way back from a festival. Three people died as a result, Michael Molloy, 18, Kerry Ogden, 23, and Colin Daulby, 63. The crash was caused by a tyre that was nearly 20 years old. This is legal. @tyreduk are campaigning to put an end to it. > @tyreduk was founded by Michaels mum, @francesmolloy. Using her own recourses and with the help of a fabulous team of people who had volunteered their time, they formed the @tyreduk campaign. They’ve been fighting since 2012 to bring in a law that bans the use of old tyres on our roads. This last year in particular huge progress has been made. After 7 years of campaigning, the government will finally consult on legislation to change the law on a legal tyre lifespan. However, work is not done. > Having known Michael briefly and following Frances story on social media. It was wonderful to finally meet her this week and speak about ways in which we can help. I wanted to know how myself and many more of us can help Frances and the team at Tyred to achieve their goal. Frances told me her biggest concern in all of this is history repeating itself. She doesn’t want another mother, another family to go through the same trauma. Especially when all of this loss was so preventable. > Sadly in September 2017 there was a crash on the M5 which killed 5 people. The inquest Heard the reason being the use of an 18 year old tyre. Too many lives have been lost and more will continue to be if action isn’t made. We must support @tyreduk in their pursuits. I have been struck by the selflessness of Frances. The willingness to relive what is such a distressing and deeply personal moment in her life for the greater good and safety of the public. That’s YOU! > Help raise awareness. Share @tyreduk updates via twitter and Instagram. Spread the message and put the necessary pressure on the government to make these changes now! Transport MP Jesse Norman is also on Twitter, maybe even express to him what the importance of safe roads mean to you? @ Jesse_Norman > @francesmolloy, even when faced with many hurdles you have remained patient and dignified. You are an inspiration! X

A post shared by Jodie Comer (@jodiemcomer) on

On a more somber note, Jodie has joined a charitable cause to help keep roads safe, formed in response to lives lost in avoidable car crashes. Her Instagram post above explains what TyredU.K. is, how it came about, and outlines the campaign’s goals and objectives. She’s using her celebrity for good, not just fun and fashion shoots.

9. She’s informed.

In the above clip, Jodie gives her younger self advice and it is delightful. She makes suggestions like, “Pout less, smile more,” because she never showed her teeth in pictures. And, not to over pluck your eyebrows, which she learned the hard way. In addition to beauty tips, she pulled from her experience with KE, telling her younger self, “I think it’s so hard when you’re growing up, especially with social media and stuff, you become so self-aware. But the one thing I loved about playing Villanelle is that she didn’t care what other people thought.” Jodie is a wonderful role model for young girls and women alike.

10. And, finally, she’s talented.

That goes unsaid! You may have first met Jodie as Ivy Moxam in BBC America’s 2016 miniseries Thirteen (can we take credit for “discovering” her — probably not). Or as the other woman in Doctor Foster (2015-2017), opposite Suranne Jones. She also portrayed Princess Elizabeth in The White Princess (2017). And, of course, you know her current day as the lovable villainous Villanelle in Killing Eve.

We’re seeing a pattern here, Jodie is choosing highly complicated characters, who are facing just as high of stakes. She doesn’t shy away from the hard roles.

If you find yourself at the end of this list, and wanting more, there’s a solution: you can catch up with Jodie Comer on Sunday nights at 8/7c in BBC America’s Killing Eve

Is Jodie Comer on your watch list?? Why not!?

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