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Gary Oldman won the 2018 Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the biopic Darkest Hour, and apparently… that one-off may not have been enough for him.

He’d like to give the role another go. Nothing is set in stone, but just this morning, he was waxing “what ifs” with Radio 4’s program Today, saying, “I’ve only scratched the surface. I think that there’s another chapter here. Maybe a movie, maybe something on television,” reports The Telegraph.

It’s not confirmed what’s to come, but clearly there is more to tell. Oldman went on to discuss working with Churchill’s great-grandson on a project: “I’ve been working with Randolph and I’ve adapted, with their kind permission, the short story The Dream.”

The Dream is an essay, actually written by Churchill himself. He places himself in the story, at 20 years old, facing the ghost of his father. He tells his father about what he’s seen in the past 50 years. The story was published in 1966, a year after Churchill had died. His father had died on the same day, January 24, 70 years prior.

Oldman is considering producing this particular piece on stage as a “two-hander,” meaning, only having two characters in the performance. He most likely wouldn’t play the young Churchill, but his involvment shows how much interest h

If you haven’t had a chance to see Oldman as Churchill, here’s a look at the trailer for Darkest Hour:

While this is all up in the air, it’s very interesting to see what comes of it.

Would you like to see Gary Oldman continue on as Winston Churchill?

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By Brigid Brown