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A man of few words, Jason Statham does, however, pose the question we all want an answer to in the trailer for his new movie The Meg:

“What’s that??” he asks.

The short answer: oh, you know, just a super-sized killer shark that makes the one in Jaws look like a goldfish. It’s attacking everything in sight, including a massive military ship. A reinforced vessel that’s armed to defend itself is one thing, but the shark also goes after a little dog innocently swimming along. Say it ain’t so!

It’s so. Take a look:

It’s not clear if the dog makes it, but the plot thickens and goes deeper, literally. Statham plays Jonas Taylor, a member of an international undersea observation program. He’s recruited to save a team of explorers trapped in a sunken submersible (fancy word for underwater vehicle).

Taylor was in a situation like this years before, coming face-to-face with a 70-foot shark. In addition to his search and rescue mission, he’s also tasked with repressing triggers from his earlier run-in.

This time around, the sea creature turns out to be a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon.

In the trailer we hear one of Taylor’s team members describe the seemingly unstoppable predator as the largest shark that ever existed, which was thought to have been extinct for over two million years. Another member of the expedition chimes in, simply saying, “Wrong.”

This is an action thriller, so we aren’t necessarily signing up for the complex dialogue.

The Office star, Rainn Wilson, suggests putting a tracker on the underwater foe, which gets some side eye from his colleagues. Still, he persists: “Don’t you ever watch Shark Week?”

Ah, we count on Wilson for some comic relief.

We don’t know what they’re going to do to stop this formidable animal — just ignore it and hope he goes away? — but, we are intrigued to see how it plays out.

The Meg hits theaters on August 10, and you can also look for Li Bingbing (Guardians of the Tomb), Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black), Winston Chao (Negotiator), and Cliff Curtis (Fear the Walking Dead).

What’s your favorite one-liner from the trailer? 

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By Brigid Brown