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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a collection of fan creativity, Whovian news and information that is definitely bigger on the inside.

And we begin this week with a roundup of the Whovian April Fool’s jokes people tried out on Sunday. There was this fake call-out to fan artists:

Or this very much untrue press release from Bruce Campbell:

This crossover claim got a fair few reactions, not least because it seemed plausible:

Although anyone attempting one particular joke should heed this warning:

And of course that wasn’t the only significant thing happening on April 1st. Who’s ready for Easter?

And it’s a fine time to bring this back:

Speaking of Easter Eggs:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

β€’ BBC America celebrates Doctor Who’s #GalaxyofWomen:

β€’ And so do Penguin Books:

β€’ Anyone who spent their formative years clutching a hand-held gaming console will feel the emotive tug of music that has had to be restricted to the lowest possible resolution, so this 8-bit version of the Doctor Who theme is as evocative of a time and space as the real thing:

β€’ And there’s a thrillingly minimalist take on the Doctor Who credits here, from kanslooskanaal:

β€’ How to draw Twelve and friends:

β€’ The Mechanical Turk gets an upgrade:

β€’ The Third Doctor and Jo have an encounter with the Meddling Monk:

β€’ …and here’s his first meeting with the Doctor:

β€’ Could the Mondassian Cybermen get even MORE creepy?

β€’ Oh my giddy aunt! Here’s a supercut of Second Doctor exclamations:

β€’ And he’s been rendered in bright colors:

β€’ Speaking of coloring in:


β€’ Peter Capaldi describes what it is like to prepare a Doctor’s outfit:

β€’ …and has the perfect comeback after choking on water:

β€’ And here’s Twelve rendered in beautiful monochrome:

β€’ We all do this, right?

β€’ A passing TARDIS:

β€’ And finally, how about we end this week with a superb animated compilation of fan art portraits of the Doctor? There’s something in the eyes:

Oh and speaking of past faces, check out this fan-made title sequence for some familiar faces:


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By Fraser McAlpine