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Angelina Jolie took on the title role in 2014’s Maleficent, a Disney tale about a very pissed off fairy. And now, reports, Ed Skrein, is confirmed to star opposite Jolie in the sequel.

Skrein, who you may know from Deadpool as Francis “Ajax” Freeman, will play a villain, while Jolie will reprise her role from the original (it really wouldn’t be Maleficent without her).

Back in 2014, we learned that Maleficent wasn’t always dark; she became that way when the man she loved cut off her wings. Yep, that’ll do it! But she focuses her anger on an infant princess, cursing her to sleep for eternity when she pricks her finger on the spindle on a spinning wheel. If the premise sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the backstory to the classic children’s fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.

We don’t know much about the new movie — not even the type of baddie Skrein will play. But, if he’s a villain to Jolie’s Maleficent, does that mean she’s now officially… good? We’ve seen that there are two sides to this hot-headed fairy, with her being torn between allegiances. Alas, we’ll have to wait for the film — or at least a trailer — to know more.

However things go down, we’re super excited to see Skrein in the sequel. But if he’s new to you, here’s some Deadpool footage to catch you up, plus an interview about filming the superhero flick:

In an interview last year, Jolie talked about progress on the second Maleficent installment, saying, “We have been working on the script (for Maleficent) and this is going to be a really strong sequel.”

We really enjoyed the original film and have high hopes for the follow-up, which will also star Elle Fanning (Mary Shelley) as Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. There’s no release date yet but filming was reportedly due to start this April in London.

If you’d like to check out more of Skrein, you can catch him in the upcoming thriller In Darkness, starring opposite Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones), when it hits theaters on May 25.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ed star opposite Angelina?

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By Brigid Brown