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The BBC America original series Killing Eve premiered last night, Sunday (April 8) at 8/7c. Yes, we are clearly excited, posting Anglo write-ups in the weeks leading up, like The Women of Killing Eve: Where Else to Watch Them? and 7 Psychopaths We Can’t Help but Love, with the latter paying homage to the new psychopath in town, VE‘s murderess Villanelle.

It might seem like our opinion could be biased, but, really, Killing Eve is just that good. And, we want everyone to know about the new killer-thriller, written and run by Anglo favorite Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), starring Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) in the title role, and Jodie Comer (Doctor Foster) in the… killer role, shall we say (she’s in the title, too, in a way!).

But, it’s not just us. The word is definitely out, and viewers are sending back their feedback with some very thoughtful, clever and sometimes, just plain funny, assessments via Twitter.

If you haven’t caught the first episode just yet, these might help speed you up on what you missed (really, don’t miss out, the first episode is available online and OnDemand):

Now that you’re hooked, here are the deets on the next episode:

Did you see the first episode of Killing Eve? What’d you think!?

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By Brigid Brown